Employee Scheduling

dynamic, multi-shift | $2/employee

Time simplicity

Employee Scheduling

TimeSimplicity will have you building and maintaining schedules in less time than your best employee spends on break. Eliminate the monotony of building schedules with automated workflows and notifications.


Create custom individual or group schedules for date, time or location. Repeat or customize for future schedules with draft planning versions


Display open shifts and available employees with best-fit criteria





Lock-out based on custom threshold and messages for early punching 




Employee access to self-service portal for schedules, reminders, shift trade boards, time cards, time-off requests and PTO balances

Swap Swifts with Ease

Filling holes in the schedule becomes much simpler with TimeSimplicity’s Virtual Trade Board. Instead of waiting for managers to circulate requests on their behalf, employees simply place requests on the online message board. Managers can quickly view, monitor and approve shift request changes online. Once a shift trade is approved, TimeSimplicity automatically notifies the appropriate employees.

Hire Smarter, Hire Faster

Simple, easy-to-use applicant tracking and employee Onboarding system for any sized organization. We help growing companies succeed in sourcing, qualifying, and hiring top talent.